The Award - Gold

Welcome to the peak of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Adventurous Journey! At Gold level, we seek to foster a true love of the bush, and build you a solid foundation of outdoor knowledge so you can continue exploring everything Aotearoa New Zealand and the rest of the World has to offer throughout your life!

As part of the Gold Adventurous Journey, you and your peers will plan an exciting Gold Qualifying Expedition in its entirety, challenging yourselves to consider the biggest and perhaps wildest journey you’ve ever been on!

Gold Qualifying Journey Highlight - Lake Waikaremoana

“… a truly valuable experience in the outdoors that will be forever treasured.” 

Sanjit – past Lake Waikaremoana Gold Journey participant

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Here at Bigfoot Adventures we understand that people learn more effectively when they are being challenged in a fun and engaging environment! Over the course of one day, the participants will be actively involved in loads of hands on activities that allow them to refresh and extend their knowledge in the following areas: Environmental Care, Trip Planning, Camp Craft, Expedition Clothing and Equipment, Nutrition and Cooking in the Outdoors, Water Safety, Basic First Aid, Team Work & Leadership. It’s a small day walk in the outdoors with a BIG focus on learning. 

Public Gold Trainings start at $110 per person.

practice Journey

The key focus of this trip is to provide participants with an opportunity to build on the many skills that were established during the previous Adventurous Journey events. There will be plenty of new challenges that are bound to provide new learning and a real sense of achievement.

To be eligible for the Gold Practice Journey, all participants are to have successfully completed the Gold Training and Silver prerequisites. This journey is the prerequisite for the Gold Qualifying Journey.

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights


Public Gold Practice Journeys start at $345 per person.

planning day

With the guidance of a Bigfoot Instructor, the team will piece together their proposed adventure, from start to finish. All elements of the expedition planning and implementation will be led by you and your peers, with the Bigfoot DOE Programme Manager or a Senior instructor there to shadow and ensure that the team is making sound decisions. This day is vital to the completion of your Gold Adventurous Journey aspect.

Duration: 9.00am – 4.00pm (7hrs)

The cost of the Gold Planning day is included in your Gold Qualifying journey. 

qualifying Journey

Exceed your own expectations and jump right in! This adventure is here for the taking! Here at Bigfoot Adventures, we say ‘Go Big or Go Home!’ on the journey that is your last adventure with us in the Award process!

Public Gold Qualifier Journeys start at $570 per person and include the planning day, up to 4 hours travel out of Auckland CBD in a passenger service licenced minivan, driven by one of our Passenger-Endorsed Senior Instructors who will facilitate the journey. One night minimum in a Serviced DOC hut is also included in the price, as well as 2 nights in camping accommodation.

Any journeys planned by the group that exceed these minimum costs covered, may result in additional costs payable after the planning day.