Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)

ABL Games students on a Grass Ski
Bush Bivvy built in native forest as part of William Pike Challenge
Students atop a Raft Build at Hunua Falls
Student learning archery as part of a camp programme

An EOTC experience can be in your school grounds, a bush space, river or local park. It can be a camping experience, a hands on project in your school grounds, in a local reserve or trying a new outdoor activity. It can be the week long kayak down the river or a school trip out of the city. Each experience provides students with the opportunity to do and learn new things.

Our Team here can help you organise experiences for your students that will help them engage with each other, realise new potential and have lots of fun. We take care of everything from the beginning of an idea through to all the safety paperwork.

The possibilities are endless - here are some ideas of popular options

Option 1 - Combo Day

School Activity Days can be a combination of your choice of activities depending on the age of your students and the objectives of your day. An example might be testing your fear of heights on our Mobile Rock Wall, learning valuable life skills on our Bikes and Portable Ramps Course, hitting the bullseye in Archery and going on an Orienteering journey around your school. These days are tailor-made to suit your needs and avoid the costs of travel and accommodation while keeping the fun!

From $55 per person


OPtion 2 - bush day

This day will focus on things to think about when planning a day in the bush. Our Bigfoot Instructors will make sure the students have fun while learning how you can survive an unplanned night in the bush along with some basic First Aid.

From $40 per person

Option 3 - Water-based

This day can be based at your local beach, lake or river. Let your students experience the challenge and fun of Kayaking, learn to work as a team designed a Raft and follow the pathways and traditions of famous Maori explorers through Waka-Ama.

From $80 per person

OPtion 4 - Top Team day

In this fast-paced day, participant work together as they rotate around our collection of engaging and challenging activities, competing for points as they go. It is a cost-effective way to engage large numbers of students and have them enjoying the outdoors

From $22 per person


Everything that we send you is part of a bespoke plan which can be changed to better meet your needs. It is at this stage where amendments are made to tailor it just for you. If you would like changes made – please just let us know!

What you will receive from us:
• Programme Proposal
• Estimate

What we need from you:
• Feedback on objectives, if the outline meets your needs
• Review the Programme Proposal to ensure details such as dates, activities and participant numbers are correct
• Confirm the Estimate – Ideally through the link sent with your Programme Plan

Here you will have confirmed the activities and estimate for your programme and you are happy to have Bigfoot involved with your Outdoor Adventure.

What you will receive from us:
• Agreement for Service (and/or Programme Request Form) – will need to be signed and returned to Bigfoot
• Risk Consent + Medical Forms – these can be substituted in for your own documents
• Medical Summary (where applicable) – Can be substituted in for your own document
• Information Letter – will need to be sent out to all parents/guardians
• EOTC Contracting Letter – for your reference

What we need from you:
• Signed Agreement for Service
• Your Risk Consent/Medical and Summary information – If you wish to use your own
• Information Letter – sent out to all parents/guardians of participants
• Contact details of key adults (Teacher In Charge etc.)

On receipt of signed ‘Bigfoot Agreement for Service’ and/or ‘Programme Request Form’ you will receive three separate emails which will cover all documentation you may require for EOTC sign off;

Participant Pack:
• Risk Consent + Medical Form
• Information Letter
• Gear Lists

Client Pack:
• Programme Plan
• 50% Deposit
• Medical Summary
• Roles and Responsibilities – Adult Helper/Assistant, Teacher in Charge (TIC) &/or Group Leader

Risk Management:
• Site Management and Activity Management Plans
• Third Party Provider Risk documentation
• Teacher Run Activity Procedures

This stage is all the last details that allow us to be prepared for your group. Please note that final numbers are often fixed and are reflected on the final invoice.

What you will receive from us:
• Final Programme Plan
• Contact details of the Bigfoot Person In Charge from our side

What we need from you:
• Medical Summary
• Final Numbers
• Copy of schedule your adults are working from (if not ours)
• Contact details of key Adults (TIC etc.)

Your outdoor adventure is finally here!

Pre-Delivery – Week leading up
• Confirmed numbers for activities
• Discussion with client around weather – need for contingencies
• Final check on gear requirements & Participant needs

Delivery – Bigfoot Person In Charge and Teacher In Charge
• Discuss all medical and special requirements
• Conduct daily briefings and debriefs
• Programme adjustments made and documented
• Communicate with all relevant parties
• Deliver programme

Please note that final numbers are often fixed and are what is reflected on the final invoice.

What you will receive from us:
• Link to our Customer Evaluation
• Invoice

What we need from you:
• Complete your Customer Evaluation
• Invoice paid – due within 7 days
• Rebooking dates