The Award - Bronze

Welcome to your first step in the Adventurous Journey space! At Bronze level, you will gain an introduction to expedition preparation and planning as part of a team. You’ll then have the opportunity to develop these skills further during the Bronze practice and qualifying journeys.


Over the course of one day, the Bigfoot crew will facilitate the course syllabus through hands on activities that provide you and your peers with the opportunity to practice the skills that will set you up for the practice and qualifying journeys. 

During the training, you’ll learn about navigation, campcraft, leadership, trip & meal planning, the gear required for your very first journey with Bigfoot Adventures, and some basic outdoor first aid skills!

Public Bronze Training days start at $100 per person.

practice Journey

Our practice journey is an overnight journey set in one of Auckland’s stunning regional parks. The key focus of this trip is to provide participants with an opportunity to practice and apply the many skills that they were introduced to during the training event.


To be eligible for the practice journey, you must have successfully completed the Bronze Training.

Public Bronze Practice journeys start at $235 per person.

qualifying journey

This is an overnight adventure delivered in the amazing Karangahake Gorge! This event is student led with the Bigfoot Instructor there to support each student’s experience and learning.

This is the final stage of the Bronze Adventurous Journey section.

To be eligible for the qualifying journey you must have successfully completed the bronze training and practice journey. 

Public Bronze Qualifying Journeys start from $245 per person.

Alternative locations are available on request for partnership school programmes.