Outdoor Education & NCEA Levels

We believe that Outdoor Education is a important part of NCEA Levels. For most of our staff here, it was a crucial element to how we ended up here – as well as abroad. We also know that finding the right instructors with the right skills coupled with the right location and the paperwork to back it is a hard task. That’s where we come in. We have qualified instructors, prior trip knowledge as well as all the paperwork you need to be able to check off some assessments. 

Mountain Biking Skills
An epic adventure or a one day skills builder we can do it all. We regularly cover Unit Standards, particularly 20137, 457, 20817.
Rock Climbing
With our partners down at Castle Rock we can cover Standards 20157, 20150 & 20151. Castle Rock offers options of up to 182 climbs. We can also cover these standards, as well as others using indoor facilities around Auckland, Ti Point, Kinloch or Kawakawa Bay for a larger challenge.
Bike Maintenance
Unit standard 20138 - Select, set up and maintain a mountain or cycle touring bike. This can be taught over a few in class sessions.
'And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul' - John Muir. Tramping is a great way to explore this amazing country we get to call home. Allows for anyone to begin their start to their own outdoor jouney.
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Trip Highlight - Great Lakes Trail

A popular journey for Achievement Standard 91505 -Examine contemporary leadership principles applied in a physical activity context. 

This is one of our favourite trips as it involves camping, sweet trails and a water taxi ride. This fun 40km ride on Grade 3 terrain is typically split over a full day and a half. Depending on the weather there is even a beautiful tranquil bay to have a dip.

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