Bespoke Experiences

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Bespoke. Custom. Personalised. Specialised.

We are with you no matter what your idea or needs may be. Family reunions, corporate event or a fun time out with your closest friends. Just contact us, we can make the adventure come to life.  

Leadership Development
Developing leadership in future generations through seminars or journey based programs.
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Canoe Trip
Explore the scenic beauty paddling up the Whanganui River, a landscape of remote hills and bush clad valleys.
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Teacher Development
School teachers looking of rthat next professional development opportunity for their outdoor education programs.
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“…this taught me to keep going and push through...”

I think that overcoming this challenge was really important for myself and it really showed myself that it isn't always a bad thing to be out of your comfort zone. So altogether I think that this taught me to keep going and push through cause a bit of discomfort is good and I'm going to really try and take this on board and apply it to my other sports.
Group of sea kayakers enjoy the pristine calm water
Olivia Haskell
Kayaking Journey