Terms and Condition

General Terms & Conditions

Please contact Bigfoot or your school if you require more information to make a decision, or if you have any questions.
In summary:
-Participation in all Bigfoot run activities is voluntary although participants are supported and encouraged by their peers and instructor to participate to a level which challenges them.
-Because of the changeable and unpredictable nature of the outdoors risks can never be reduced to zero. Hazards exist in these activities that can result in serious injury or even death. These hazards include: weather / environmental conditions, height, water, equipment, Bigfoot employees behaviors and skills, client specific hazards, environmental impact and vehicles.
-Bigfoot has a Safety Management System that identifies significant hazards and includes systems to eliminate, isolate or minimize these hazards.
-Our Safety Management Policy states that we are committed to ‘a zero serious harm incident rate each calendar year’
-I understand that there are certain risks associated with outdoor activities that cannot be completely eliminated.
-I know I am able to ask any questions of Bigfoot or the individual instructor to gain a better understanding of the activity before deciding whether to take part, and the final decision about whether to take part is mine. If I decide to take part, I understand the Bigfoot instructor will identify any significant hazards that are likely to arise and use correct procedures to deal with these, of which it is necessary for me to follow. The instructor will take all reasonable precautions to ensure my safety. If I act outside of this advice, then I acknowledge I do so at my own risk and may be instructed to leave the programme or activity.
-I understand that there are certain risks associated with outdoor activities that cannot be completely eliminated.
-I have received enough information to make an informed decision about the programme I am / my child is about to undertake
-I authorise Bigfoot to instigate any medical assistance and treatment required in an emergency.
-I understand I may be charged for items belonging to Bigfoot that I / my child lose or damage.
-I understand that my personal effects are not covered by Bigfoot’s insurance policy while on any activity.
-I understand that if at any time during the programme I am under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances, or behave inappropriately Bigfoot has the right to stop my further participation on the programme and I have no right for refund of my course fee.
-I understand that this event is an opportunity for me to learn, practice skills and gain attitudes and values in an environment outside the classroom. I realise that this requires me to take on genuine responsibility for my own learning and safety and that of others.

Duke of Edinburgh Terms & Conditions
-I understand that by supplying Bigfoot Adventures Ltd with the Medical & Consent information, I have made a formal booking on each elected course.
-Once each course has been confirmed in writing, full course payment is due prior to commencement.
-All unpaid or late balances will attract an administration fee of $50.00.
-I understand that in order for this Duke of Edinburgh event to be eligible, I must be registered with the Award and I also need to have completed any prerequisites outlined by the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award.
-All prices quoted are GST included unless otherwise stated.

Online Payment Terms and Conditions.

Refund Policy:
Where for any reason a client:
• Withdraws from the course 10 working days prior to commencement of the course, no cost will be incurred by the client.
• Cancels within 10 working days to the commencement of the course, 20% of the fee for the cancelled course will be payable to cover administration costs.
• Withdraws from the course after the commencement date, no refund is available.

Cancellation Policy:
Bigfoot Adventures Ltd reserves the right to cancel or postpone booked courses. If this occurs the client will have the option of a refund or transferring their payment to another course.

Privacy Policy:
The collected information is used solely for internally purposes, and kept confidential.

Delivery Policy:
No Delivery, this is a cause.

A 2.80% surcharge will be charged if you are paying by credit card.

All Prices are in New Zealand Dollars