Jordan Jamieson

Programme Manager (including William Pike Award Programmes)

How did you get here?

I developed a passion for the outdoors accidentally, through my passion for travel. At the tender age of 16 I traveled to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands where I did a number of outdoor activities, ranging from multi-day hikes in the Andes, adventure walks through the Amazon Rain Forest, through to being an environmental volunteer in the Galapagos Islands. After this trip I decided I wanted to get paid to live this lifestyle, and followed through with studying a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation & Leadership at AUT.


What is your favourite outdoors activity?

My favourite outdoors activity is being in New Zealand’s bush. Going for multi-day hikes and really getting to know both myself and the peace that the outdoors can bring really gives me vitality. Especially if my dog is with me!


What inspires you?

There are quite a few things that inspire me. I am inspired by adventure, I am inspired by travel, I am inspired by my friends and family, I am inspired by my Māori heritage, and I am inspired by a deeper learning that you can get when outdoors. But most of all I am inspired by the impact our programmes have on the people we provide them for – a smile on a participant’s face whilst they’re in the outdoors with us, is what I live for.


What’s the biggest personal trip you have done?

In the Summer of 2015/2016 I spent two months travelling through South America. I got to see the Galapagos of Peru (Ballestas Islands), I got to follow an ancient pilgrimage on the Inca Trail, I got to revel in the ruins of Machu Picchu, I travelled by 4WD through the Salt Flats in Bolivia, and found myself in awe through the Atacama Desert.


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