Tatum Scheibler

Bigfoot Adventures' Intern 2019

Tatum came across from the USA and joined us for our Kiwi Winter, in late May to mid July 2019. If you’d like to find out more about intern opportunities with Bigfoot Adventures, have a read below!

How did you get here?

Ever since I was young I was constantly outside, but it wasn’t until university that I started to really become passionate about outdoor recreation. I grew up in a town outside of Chicago, Illinois that was surrounded by cornfields and had little to do in the realm of nature. After high school I attended Northern Michigan university, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA. There I was able to enjoy the vast forests and wilderness that the region offered. I found out about Bigfoot Adventures when I was looking for an internship for my studies. I applied and was accepted and spent two months working with a great team and learning all I could about working in the outdoor field.


What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Besides backpacking and general camping, I’m obsessed with rock climbing. I’ve been climbing for about a year so I’m not very good. If I have a blast doing it. I also ski for a majority of the year. Living in the UP of Michigan we have winter almost all year round so there is no shortage of snow. I also love to mountain bike.


What was the best part about interning at Bigfoot?

I learned so many practical and guiding skills from observing and assisting the different trips and events Bigfoot facilitates. I was able to see a large part of the north island and was able to tramp in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Bigfoot is a great place to get some amazing work experience.


What inspires you?

I really love working in a team and seeing people challenge themselves and see how much they can achieve.


What else do you do in the outdoors during your own time?

I’m a photography minor, so I always have a camera handy when I’m out in the field. Photography is one of the ways I communicate the beauty of nature to the outside world.


Tatum was part of the International Studies Abroad intern programme of 2019. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, click here to find out more about ISA programmes in Auckland, New Zealand.





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