Rox Pollock

Programme Manager

How did you get here?

Had my first visit here in 2015 and fell in love with everything from lattes that came in a bowl to the beautiful native bush. In 2017, I settled here to be closer to a guy (not in vain, we got married in 2018). I was born in Australia, but have spent the majority of the past 10 years in the US, UK and Canada. I have various outdoor certifications and a Bachelor Degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing, HR & Management.


What is your favourite outdoors activity?

That’s like asking someone who their favourite child is. I get energy from paddling in the summer, playing in the snow in the winter and hiking with my pup every other time in-between.


What inspires you?

There’s a saying that is ‘I’m in love with the places I haven’t been and the people I haven’t met yet.’ It’s exactly this that drives a large portion of my decision making – exploration and friendship.



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