Dave Moseley

Training & Development Manager

Dave is our new Training & Development manager, his role is to support the training of our instructors and staff in the outdoors.


How did you get here?

I am originally from the UK, where I grew up in not a particularly outdoorsy family. Throughout school I began becoming more and more involved in Scouts and the Duke of Edinburgh program. From those programs I was picked up by a local man who owned an outdoor company who became my mentor teaching me to rock climb before taking me to Europe, Morocco and the Himalayas mountaineering as part of his team.

Now that I had caught the bug, I moved to New Zealand at the age of 19, where I studied Outdoor Leadership and Management down at Otago Polytechnic. Coming to New Zealand as a rock and mountain man, I was quickly converted into a water baby, getting me on the ocean and rivers whether it be in a kayak, canoe, raft or board. Since then I have been guiding, facilitating and instructing sea kayaking, white water kayaking, rock climbing, canoeing and tramping across New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Europe over the last 8 years.

Now I’ve started here at Bigfoot Adventures, with my first ever non seasonal full time job!


What is your favourite outdoors activity?

Skiing has always been my passion, having done multiple winters downhill skiing and ski touring in the backcountry. I stay true to my commitment to not work as a ski instructor and leave that activity to myself!


What inspires you?

Over my outdoors career, I have met so many amazing people, so I would have to say my biggest inspiration would be my friends and colleagues. Seeing how they inspire and teach the next generation of outdoor athletes (I hope!) is moving, and this pushes me to continuously develop myself, to make my mark on others.


What’s the biggest personal trip you have done?

In 2017, two friends and I spent 2 months sea kayak access ski touring around 1000Km of the Alaskan Panhandle. Starting in Prince Rupert, BC, we set out to access mountains that could be reached by human power via kayak. Spending around 1 week of kayaking at a time we would hike up into the mountains, finding the snow before doing day ski tours from our alpine basecamps, before returning to our kayaks to repeat until we got to Skagway, Alaska.


What’s your favouite meal to make in the bush?

Campfire Pizzas!

These are made on Naan or Pita bread with tomato paste and whatever toppings you want. The biggest key is not getting the cheese stuck to the foil by making it a pyramid!



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