Chelle Thomson

Logistics Coordinator

How did you get here?

I’ve grown up through Girl Guiding and Air Cadets, and my parents had my younger brother and I on bicycles and boats from an early age. My dad and my grandfather on mum’s side shared an old launch when I was a kid so I spent loads of time fishing and motoring around the Waitemata and to the outer reaches of the Hauraki. Dad had a little yacht up in Mangawhai as well that we sailed from time to time, so I’ve always felt drawn to the water.

As a teen I got involved heavily in tramping and used to carry ridiculous weights around on Cadet Force activities all over West Auckland and further afield with Girl Guides as well. I had plans to go and study something outdoors based but plans changed, & instead I found myself a position in emergency services communications, with the NZ Coastguard. I progressed through their ranks quickly and then pursued a short stint at Firecomm, followed by Airside Ground Operations at Auckland Airport, which was a completely different environment & very exciting! I eventually got offered a role working for a European vehicle importer where I remained for a couple of years, building on my logistics experience that I’d gained in my previous roles. Now I’m here, I couldn’t be more excited to be here, it’s a complete change of pace from what I was used to but this is kind of what I wanted all along – even if I didn’t realise it until now!

My partner and I still do loads of tramping but things have changed a bit, when I met him we wanted to get out but our old gear was just so heavy that we were just never super keen to get out for more than just day walks – after a serious upgrade of our gear we now spend at least one weekend a month out of Auckland getting up to all sorts of things!


What is your favourite outdoors activity?

That’s a really hard one! I love being at the beach, or on the water, but I also love tramping just about as much! Anything that is serene, quiet & away from the buzz of the city is my jam. My favourite so far this year has been tramping Kokowai track on the north eastern side of Mount Taranaki just before sunrise. The mountain looked absolutely beautiful and we could see headlamps trailing up and down from the summit from other early risers, which was stunning.


What inspires you? 

The ocean mostly! It’s been such a big part of my life since I was a kid, and everything starts and ends with it.


What else do you do in the outdoors during your own time?

Turns out I’m pretty handy with a camera from time to time! I love taking depth of field photos with animals and people in the foreground and I have a thing for raw imagery – I hate editing photos so try to shoot photos as much as possible on settings that mean that I don’t have to play with settings on a computer. We also have a dog we ‘share’ with his owners, we get to take him hiking quite a bit so manage to squeeze some kind of physical activity into most weekends.



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