Manda Giddens

Bike Skills Coordinator

Manda’s love for the outdoors was fostered as a home town farm girl in Glenfield.

Having a passion for what I do and building relationships within the outdoor industry means I can offer more to my clients. I love taking people out for coffee at the local Coffee Lab and giving them the opportunity to experience the outdoors themselves.

As a born and bred North Shorer (The “G” field), you could be excused for envisaging a Metallica shirt and a flowing mullet. However, Manda has no time to maintain such appearances since she finds herself mountain biking, surfing, paddle boarding, trail running, tramping, snowboarding, kayaking, fishing, wakeboarding, long boarding, canyoning, playing drums or drinking coffee on most days in Ponsonby… darling. Of all these pastimes, shopping would certainly be number one. Manda has more shoes than friends and wouldn’t give up shopping for the world!

Outside of Manda’s hours in the Bigfoot office, she spends her free time with her dog and just her dog. With her dog, Manda enjoys cleaning muddy paws, running out for coffees together, and spending time chilling at their rented accommodation. Being a parent of a beautiful but smelly dog has taught her what she treasures most in this life.

In recent years she is more often found walking her dog Indie around the entire coast of Browns Bay beach to find where the hell she had parked her car and not for charity. She returned to the city inspired to share the amazing world we live in with more people, and help more kids get outdoors and discover it.



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