Total Camp Management

Bigfoot Adventures provide a fun, safe and hassle-free total camp management service, arranging all aspects of your school camp from start to finish.

 Transport:   Feel free to leave it to us. We have contacts with reputable bus and minivan companies who regularly provide transport for school camps. We are happy to make these arrangements for you if required.

Locations: You choose or we can recommend.  Experience the magic of the mountains or the diversity of a beach location; beautiful native bush covered ranges and the roar of a waterfall or the proximity of nearby lakes and caves.

Bigfoot uses a variety of camp locations available throughout the North Island from Whangarei to Mt Ruapehu. We will tailor an activity programme to suit your group, your budget and your chosen location.

Food: Bigfoot Adventures recognises the value of a healthy and nutritious diet. This is an area where preferences are discussed with you in accordance with the age group and budget.

Accommodation: Currently Bigfoot Adventures run camps using a wide range of camp providers which vary in size, cost and accommodation arrangement. Typically dormitory-style bunkrooms and additional smaller bunkrooms for teachers and parents; room sizes vary from camp to camp.

Activities: A full range of engaging and value driven activities are available that aim to achieve the specific learning outcomes set-out by the school. These run from 1 hour to half day and full day durations.

Documentation Bigfoot has the expertise in this field so let us take care of the paperwork for you.

  • Activity Management Plans
  • Site Management Plans
  • Medical Forms
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Timetables (when required)
  • Activity Gear Lists

Equipment: We provide our own well maintained equipment for all activities.

Gear List: The gear list can differ depending on the camp location, so leave this to us to let you know what to bring.

Your Role: Student discipline. Time keeping for meals and activities. After dinner activities will require adult supervision.

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