Disc Golf

Every wondered what would happen if you put golf and frisbee’s together? The answer is disc golf! There are 2 types of specially designed frisbee’s: putters and drivers. Like golf, use your driver for long distance and your putter when you are close to the tee. The aim is to hit the tee with the least amount of throws. This is best played with a group of people. Never played before? No worries, our instructor will be there to explain everything and give you some tips and tricks along the way.

Locations- Disc Golf can be run at any location from local parks, schools, and camps. We also use the Woodhill Disc Golf course.

Participant gear required-  Land Based Activities Gear list 2017

Equipment provided by Bigfoot- Bigfoot will bring all putters, drivers, tees and scorecards. We also bring along our portable course which can easily be setup.