Amazing Race

The Around the World Amazing Race is themed with each activity representing a different country and teams are trying to get around the world with the most points. Teams to rotate around a series of challenges where they score points at each challenge. Teams compete in a number of challenges with 2 teams to compete against each other at each challenge. Flags and chants, each team will be given 20 minutes at the beginning of the day to create a team flag and chant. Teams will receive an envelope at the end of each challenge which will give them a cryptic clue to their next challenge.  Each team starts with a full 10 litre water bucket and must carry it around each challenge, the bucket will be incorporated into each challenge, teams will score points at the end of the day based on how much water they have left.  Teams can earn water credits at various challenges i.e. winning team at each challenge may receive a top up of water. All team members must take part in each challenge. Activities include: Build a bike, Towers

We also offer an amazing race in Raglan that involves challenges and clues throughout the township.

Locations- In school, parks or camps

Participant gear required-  Land Based Activities Gear list 2017

Equipment provided by bigfoot-  All the gear is provided including games, scorecards, bandanas and prizes.