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Silver Award

Congratulations! You are on your way to achieving your Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Adventurous Journey. This section of the award aims to ‘encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery’ in each participant.

At Silver level, the young person will build on the learning developed during the Bronze Adventurous Journey. With all new challenges and places to explore, an adventure is just around the corner…

Training – $100 per person

Here at Bigfoot Adventures we understand that people learn more effectively when they are being challenged in a fun and engaging environment! Over the course of one day, the Bigfoot crew will facilitate the Duke of Ed course syllabus through hands on activities that provide the young person with the opportunity to practice the skills that will set them up for the practice and qualifying journeys. During the training, students will learn about leadership, and camp craft, along with many other core camp craft skills.


Practice Journey – $320 per person

This is a 3 day, two night journey. The key focus of this trip is to provide participants with an opportunity to build on the many skills that they were introduced to during the Silver Training and the Bronze Adventurous Journey events.

This journey is the prerequisite to participating in the Qualifying Journey. To be eligible for the Practice Journey, please ensure that participants have successfully completed the Silver Training and Bronze pre-requisites prior.


Qualifying Journey – $320 per person

This is a 3 day, 2 night journey. Utilising the experience gained from the Silver Training and Practice Journey, the young person will have the opportunity to step it up and lead their team on a journey of discovery. This expedition is student led with the Bigfoot Instructor there to support the students experience and their learning.

This expedition is a must for any student aiming to complete the Adventurous Journey section of the Silver Award. To be eligible for the Silver Qualifying Journey, please ensure that participants have successfully completed the Silver Training, Silver Practice Journey and the Bronze pre-requisites prior.