Gold Training


Here at Bigfoot Adventures we understand that you learn best when you are being challenged in a fun and interactive environment.  Considering this, we have developed our training programme to provide you with the required outdoor knowledge and skills in a way that ‘makes sense’.  It is our aim for each student to come away from one of our training days having had fun and feeling well prepared for their Practice Journey.

Training Day:  We have designed a great Gold Training Day that takes place in a local park. Over the course of a day you will engage in loads of hands on activities that allow you to refresh and extend your knowledge in the following areas: Environmental Care, Trip Planning, Camp Craft, Expedition Clothing and Equipment, Nutrition and Cooking in the Outdoors, Water Safety, Basic First Aid, Team work & Leadership. It’s a small day walk with a BIG focus on learning.

This 1 day of training must be completed to prepare you for your Gold Practice Journey.

Pre-requisites: Bronze and Silver Training and Practice Journeys

Venue: Confirmed at time of booking

Timings: 1 day, 9.00am – 4.30pm

Cost: $110 per person