Gold Qualifying Expedition

Qualifying Expedition

Expedition Planning:  This day is for the participants to step up to the challenge of designing and planning their own Gold Qualifying Expedition.

With the guidance of a friendly and knowledgeable Bigfoot Instructor, each team of students will piece together their proposed adventure.  Students will have access to information and resources that will enable them to then submit a well thought out plan to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award National Office for approval.

Topics covered in-depth on this day include: Trip Planning, Risk Management, Outdoor Leadership, Bush Survival, Map and Compass Skills.

The Expedition Planning day is must for all students who want to successfully complete their Qualifying Expedition with Bigfoot Adventures!

Pre-requisites: Gold Training & Practice Journey, plus Bronze and Silver Trainings and Practice Journeys

Venue: Confirmed at time of booking

Expedition Planning 1 day, 9.00am – 4.00pm (completed at least 6 weeks before Qualifying Expedition)

Cost: included in the lump sum paid with the Qualifying Expedition booking


This is a 4 day expedition planned by the students with location options including Pirongia Forest Park, Coromandel Forest Park, Te Urewera, Great Barrier Island, the Hillary Trail, Waitakere Ranges, Hunua Ranges, Kaimai Ranges, or similar location. Using the skills and knowledge gained from the training and practice journey, your team will be responsible for navigating your way over mountains, through streams and to huts and campsites. All elements of the expedition planning and implementation will be lead by you and your peers, with your Bigfoot Instructor there only to shadow and ensure that your team is making safe decisions. This expedition is a must for any student aiming to complete the Adventurous Journey section of their Gold Award, in style!   Contact us to link up with other adventurers looking to plan and undertake an ‘excellent adventure’!

Location: Decided by participants – typically within 4hrs drive of Auckland

Duration: 4 full days

Costs: $550 per person (excludes food & equipment) Please note this does not include additional logistical requirements e.g. staying in huts, travel 4 hrs +, flights, ferry, water taxi, instructor costs for a journey longer than 4 days.

Pre-requisites: Gold Training & Practice Journey & Planning Day

Transport: Van provided to transport students to start of journey from Hillcrest, Auckland (return)