Gold Qualifying Adventurous Journey

You can complete your Gold qualifying journey one of two ways.

We can provide you with a pre-planned ‘Plan A Route’ and ‘Plan B Route’ for tramping, or you can complete a ‘Bespoke Route’ where you select the area, and plan the route with our guidance. For both of these options, we arrange all bookings and logistics on your behalf.

Our Pre-planned options are pre-quoted, so we can advise of the price you are likely to pay upfront – please contact us directly for partnership school pricing as this is cheaper.

  • Lake Waikaremoana starts at $615 per person incl. GST for 7 students (prices increase if student numbers are lower). This includes four and a half days and covers travel on the first half day.
  • Other options coming soon!

Our bespoke routes start at $550 per person and increase based on where you want to go. This cost covers your planning day, travel within 4 hours of Bigfoot Headquarters in a Bigfoot vehicle, 1 night in a hut and our instructor.

On your planning day, with the guidance of a friendly and knowledgeable Bigfoot Instructor, each team of students will piece together their proposed adventure.  Students will have access to information and resources that will enable them to then submit a well thought out plan to the Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey Programme Manager for approval and pricing.

Topics covered in-depth on this day include: Trip Planning, Risk Management, Outdoor Leadership, Bush Survival, Map and Compass Skills.

The Planning day is usually 9am-4:30pm although some groups finish early. It must be completed at least 4 weeks before the trip. We like these to be in person, however if you are unable to make the day, and have friends attending, you can nominate them to make decisions in your place. If you have no friends attending and you aren’t able to make it, just be aware that the remainder of the group may decide on a route you don’t know well – You will need to be prepared for this if you can’t attend.

Pre-requisites: Gold Training & Practice Journey, plus Bronze and Silver Trainings and Practice Journeys (or Bronze and Silver Award completion)

Venue: Confirmed at time of booking

Cost: included in the lump sum paid with the Qualifying Expedition booking

Duration of the Expedition: 4 full days at a minimum

Transport: Van provided to transport students to start of journey from Hillcrest, Auckland (return)

Public Events: Public events are likely to be run as Pre-planned opportunities, however please get in touch if you have a wild idea you’d like to try! We are always keen to hear about new route ideas, and we may just have several other individuals looking to complete a Bespoke Route with us, that are also keen on your idea.

Inclusive events: We are always willing and able to adapt our journeys to suit your abilities. Please email the DOE Programme Manager at for more information on what we can do to help you achieve your Gold Award.

Kayaking, Mountain Biking & Alpine Journeys: These are offered when there is demand, however the cost is often higher and you will need to complete a practice via the same mode. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in completing a journey like this.

Explorations: Explorations are offered on demand only – we recommend that you contact us with your idea, and we will arrange a planning day and go from there. It’s rare that we have individuals interested in a Public Exploration, so finding your own group to plan with, and then coming to us with your idea may be easier for you.


Please email the DOE Programme Manager at for any questions, comments or concerns regarding the above alternative options.