Gold Award

Welcome to the final chapter of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Adventurous Journey! This section of the award aims to ‘encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery’ in each participant.

At Gold level, you will take the it to a whole new level. As part of the Gold Adventurous Journey challenge, the participant and a team of peers will plan their Gold Qualifying Expedition in its entirety. With this new level of challenge, an exciting new adventure is there for the taking…

Training – $110 per person

Here at Bigfoot Adventures we understand that people learn more effectively when they are being challenged in a fun and engaging environment! Over the course of one day, the participants will be actively involved in loads of hands on activities that allow them to refresh and extend their knowledge in the following areas: Environmental Care, Trip Planning, Camp Craft, Expedition Clothing and Equipment, Nutrition and Cooking in the Outdoors, Water Safety, Basic First Aid, Team Work & Leadership. It’s a small day walk in the outdoors with a BIG focus on learning. 


Practice Journey – $320 per person

This is a 3 day, 2 night journey. The key focus of this trip is to provide participants with an opportunity to build on the many skills that were established during the previous Adventurous Journey events. There will be plenty of new challenges that are bound to provide new learning and a real sense of achievement.

This journey is the prerequisite to participating in the Qualifying Journey. To be eligible for the Practice Journey, please ensure that participants have successfully completed the Gold Training, and Silver and Bronze prerequisites prior.


Qualifying Journey – $550 per person

This consists of a planning day, then a 4 day, 3 night adventure set in a location of the group’s choosing (within 4 hours drive of Auckland CBD).

The Gold Qualifying Journey Planning day is must for all students who want to successfully complete their Gold Qualifying Journey with Bigfoot Adventures. With the guidance of a Bigfoot Instructor, the team will piece together their proposed adventure, from start to finish. Students will have access to information and resources that enable the team to submit a well though-out plan to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award National Office for approval. Topics covered in-depth on this day include: Trip Planning, Risk Management, Outdoor Leadership, Bush Survival, Route Card, DOE Approval Form, Map and Compass Skills.

All elements of the expedition planning and implementation will be led by the participant and their peers, with the Bigfoot Instructor there to shadow and ensure that the team is making sound decisions. This Gold Qualifying Journey is a must for any student aiming to complete the Qualifier in style!

Contact us to link up with other adventurers looking to plan and undertake an excellent adventure!


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