Further Information & FAQs

How do I register for the Award?

Go to Do the Award and follow the instructions relevant to you.

Where can I see the scheduled trainings, practice journeys and qualifying expeditions for this year?

Check out the Events Calendar

How do I book onto a Bigfoot Adventures event?

Follow this Website Booking Guide to book and pay for your event online.

When do the bookings close for an event?

The bookings typically close two weeks before every event, to allow us time to finalise student numbers and instructors, book campsites, and send paperwork to all participants. The specific booking deadline is listed against each event on the calendar.

What if I missed the booking deadline and want to go on the event? 

Sometimes bookings close with some spaces still available on an event, in which case we may be able to allow you to join the group late. Email the DOE Coordinator at with the event you want to book onto and they will do their best to help you.

What if I have a group of my own and want to book custom dates?

If you have a group of students organised and want dates that are not already on our calendar, email the DOE Coordinator at with the name of the DOE event(s) along with proposed dates. Bear in mind, our minimum number is 7 students, so if you have fewer than 7 in your group it will need to become a public event, or you will need to find additional group members/pay extra fees for it to go ahead.

Can I reserve a space without paying?

Our website only reserves you a space on the event once you have finished the booking with payment. It is first come first served, so booking early is recommended. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from paying at the time of booking, email the DOE Coordinator at with details of your issue, and this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

How do I see whether my booking was successful/what events I’m I booked onto/what gear I hired?

Login to your myBigfoot profile, and click ‘My Bookings’. This should show you details of each event you have booked on. If you believe you have booked on an event but it doesn’t show up here, email urgently, as the booking may not have gone through successfully and a space may not be reserved for you on that event.

Why can’t I see my school’s events?

We need to verify you as a student from that school for you to then be able to see your school specific dates. Until then, you will only be able to see our public event dates.  See the Website Booking Guide  for instructions to create a myBigfoot profile. Please use the drop down box to select your school. If your school is not on this list please type in the box the name of the school.

What if I get stuck or have questions that are not answered here?

Email the DOE Coordinator at with details of your issue.

How much do the events cost?

Check out the individual Bronze, Silver and Gold pages for the standard prices. For school prices, make sure you have created your profile and been verified, then you can click on the school event to see the price.

Do I have to do the training?

Yes, all the components of the level are compulsory and you need to do the events in this order: Training – Practice Journey – Qualifying Expedition.

Is the training overnight?

No, the training is held either in a classroom setting (Bronze & Silver) or at an outdoor venue (Gold).  You get to go home for the night.

Are the journeys overnight?

Yes, the journeys all involve at least one night of camping. Check out the individual Bronze, Silver and Gold pages for more information.

Can I do a qualifying expedition as a practice journey?

Our journeys go to set places in order not to double up. It is a DoE requirement that you don’t do the same journey/route twice. If you did our Qualifying Expedition as a Practice Journey, you’d then be going back to the same place again for your Qualifying Expedition. Also, on a Practice Journey the instructor is teaching the students and assisting them a lot, whereas the Qualifying Expedition is where the participants demonstrate what they have learned and the instructor is there to assess them. Therefore, it is unfair on both the instructor and the particpant to expect them to be assessed on things they haven’t learned or had a chance to practice yet, or to try and teach one student whilst assessing the others.

What food should I bring?

You will learn all about tramping food in your training, and take home a booklet with notes. If you get stuck check out this DOE Nutrition Food Resource for some ideas to help you choose and pack your food.

What equipment do I need to bring?

Have a look at the Duke of Ed Journey Gear list for compulsory gear and other suggestions.

Can I hire gear from you?

Yes, have a look at our Gear Hire List. It is best to hire and pay for your gear hire at the time of booking. If you have already booked but didn’t add gear hire, email the DOE coordinator at with your requirements.

Do you hire tramping boots?

No – but Living Simply in Newmarket does. Here are their details:

Phone: (09) 524 7957
Address: level 1, 255 Broadway, New Market (up escalator)

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