Established in 1995, Bigfoot Adventures offers instruction, facilitation and management of adventure programmes designed for the education sector, as well as community groups, social clubs and individuals.
Due to an increased awareness of health and safety issues, unfortunately schools are becoming less willing to organise and run adventurous activities themselves due to the perceived risk and concern for the safety of pupils and teachers. Bigfoot Adventures recognises the enormous value of the outdoors as a vehicle through which people, young and old, can grow, develop and learn purely through experience.

In 2002 the Ministry of Education published “Safety and EOTC” (Education Outside the Classroom). This document clarifies schools’ responsibilities regarding EOTC and the expectation of schools to meet the emerging requirements. Bigfoot Adventures recognises these EOTC guidelines and they can be seen reflected in almost all areas of operation.

In 2011 we were awarded OutdoorsMark. This is a national outdoor independent audit programme  designed to ensure organisations are operating above the industry safety standard.

Bigfoot Adventures has a current Premium Outdoors Mark Audit that is renewed every 2 years.